EDUC111 Week 5 Assignment

Directions: This week we learned about different types of data. For this assignment:

Observation      Purpose – Identify something you would like to (or      theoretically like to) observe about a child (aligned to cognitive,      socio-emotional, and/or physical development)
Observation      Context/Setting – Explain the context and why you      want to observe him or her
Type      of Data – Explain how you could collect quantitative data and      qualitative data and which you prefer and why
Data      Plan      – Include a chart or checklist to show your data collection/observation      plan
Analysis      of Plan – Explain the advantages and disadvantages of a quantitative      approach and a qualitative approach
Conclusion      – Analyze about what you wrote and write a conclusion/summary

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EDUC111 Week 5 Assignment
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Include a title/cover page and a reference page.


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