Economics project 4-5 pages on Toys R Us

Toys R Us is the the topic for this project.  You must include the following three 
examples below within the project, in addition to whatever you may come up with.
1. Overview of Specific Economic Problems. This could be based on a variety of different issues. Here are just a couple of examples:

a. Economic impact of interaction between different industries and how this has affected the industries in question. Consider for example the economics of the collapse of the big box retail stores. Thus Sears, K-Mart, Payless, RadioShack, Toys R Us, Gap, and others have faced difficulties and have closed stores due to economic difficulties. This has coincided with the rise of online retailers such as Amazon. 

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Economics project 4-5 pages on Toys R Us
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b. Economic issues and problems associated with outsourcing and international competition. This includes effects on employment and productivity in the US; Control over intellectual property; Customer support issues; Increasing interdependence of firms; Effects on manufacturing in the US; Call center outsourcing and consumer fraud; etc.

c. The economics income equality: What are the real reasons for income inequality? What can be done to improve income equality? How do government regulations to achieve a more equal income distribution affect production, productivity and employment? Etc.


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