Economic of sin- Gambling

 should be MLA format compliant, and will be 7-10 pages (not including a cover page and references page). The paper should have the usual research paper structure:

 Cover Page
 Introduction – give a background of the topic and define the problem
 Identify the hypothesis – the specific question you plan to research and explore through the paper
 Literature Review – conduct a literature review, seeking out books, journal articles, and other academically credible works that have addressed your topic in the past, and analyze what they have found
 Conclusion – reflect back on your original research intention (the hypothesis), and tie together key topics from your research that support or reject your hypothesis.
 Identify future research opportunities or limitations to the research – given the brevity of the paper, not all tangents can be covered by your research, identify what topics you would include if you had more time and resources.
 References page

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Economic of sin- Gambling
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