Economic Development Case Study Of PA315

The Economic Development Case Study is a two-part assignment – the written paper and video presentation. 

Written Paper Directions:

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Economic Development Case Study Of PA315
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The first part of the assignment is to write an original case study on local economic development and discuss the role government played in the case. You must identify a case on a local economic development project in San Bernardino or Riverside County or in general, California as reported in newspapers, such as The Los Angeles Times, The Press-Enterprise, and The San Bernardino Sun, or from other media of your choice (i.e. MSN, CNN, FOX NEWS, etc.). Remember, a low-quality source, or insufficient information from your sources, will affect the quality of your grade for this assignment. YOU MUST PROVIDE  LINKS FOR THE ARTICLES YOU USE.   

Your case study should be approximately 750~1000 words long. Please note visual aids are part of the potential points for the assignment. In your case study, you should briefly describe the following:

•                 Introduction to the economic development case 

•                 Identify the role government played 

•                 Identify the role of the public, if any

•                 Economic impact to the community – What is the economic impact to the community?  How will it benefit or not benefit the community?

•                 Analysis – What is your analysis of the project?

•                 Conclusion – Where is the project currently?

The assignment is worth 10 points. Submit an attached Word document in the link “Economic Development Case Study – Submit Here”.  

Video Presentation Directions:

Create an 8 – 10 minute video presentation using a powerpoint or prezi of your Economic Development Case Study .  You must be part of the video for full points.  I want to see presenting your case study.

(Links to my economic development case and materials:

North Indian Canyon Drive Widening



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