Economic Approaches in the Age of Industrialization

Innovative Entrepreneurs—Walker and Ford
Here you will focus on the business approaches of Madame C. J. Walker and Henry Ford. Both developed innovative and successful approaches in a time of rapid economic change. You will compare them in the way they started their respective businesses and the key innovative features that made each successful. One might find virtues, problems and successes associated with both. You might see elements of each in strategies of later leaders and related issues even today.  
  Follow this Format. Please!
In your introduction section, cover the information listed in the bullets below. Your introduction should be one paragraph in length:

Identify      the two different people or government programs that you will discuss;      provide relevant date(s) or time frames.
Describe      what you will cover in the paper.

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Economic Approaches in the Age of Industrialization
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In two paragraphs, do the following:
For Topic Choice One: Describe briefly the background of each person’s early struggles or success at business development and the motivations. Describe key innovations in strategy that led to success. Devote one paragraph to each person and strategy.
For Topic Choice Two: Describe briefly the background of each government program and what motivated its proposal and passage. Describe the impact of each program on the economy. Devote one paragraph to each program and strategy.
In your comparison paragraph, evaluate what you see as the strengths and weaknesses of each, and the impact of each in that period of history. Explain which approach you favor and why.
In your conclusion paragraph, identify similar issues or approaches that developed later, and any similar issues or approaches today.


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