Econn 294

think back over the last eight weeks and pick a topic we discussed that you really weren’t aware of before and now that you’ve studied it, you’re glad you know about it and how it helps you understand the U.S./the world/ your community/ yourself better.
APA format this as well, but try to write about 500 words. You don’t need to cite any sources for this one.

Write on Monopoly 
Chapter 24
• 24.1 Identify situations that can give rise to monopoly
• 24.2 Describe the demand and marginal revenue
conditions a monopolist faces
• 24.3 Discuss how a monopolist determines how much
output to produce, what price to charge, and the
amount of its profits
• 24.4 Understand price discrimination
• 24.5 Explain the social cost of monopolies

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Econn 294
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