ECO 550

The second part of your Entrepreneurial Opportunities Plan will look at the Finance, Media and Consumer Products sector. Again, the purpose of this plan is to pinpoint and identify some of those opportunities (as discussed in your reading) and to see where your business may be able to take advantage of them and/or where there might be an opportunity for an entrepreneur to start a new business or initiative. You’ll look at each of these three sectors: Finance, Media and Consumer Products. Using the provided template, you’ll list possible opportunities and then discuss how your business can leverage those opportunities or how one might start a business related to them. After you’re done, you’ll record an Entrepreneurial Opportunities video pitch (no more than 5 minutes). In the video, you’ll talk about the biggest future opportunities for your business and other entrepreneurs in the sectors discussed in parts I and II of your Entrepreneurial Opportunities Plan, and how you plan to take advantage of them or how other entrepreneurs might. Your completed Assignment 3 Template and Entrepreneurial Opportunities Pitch video are due by Sunday midnight of Week 10 and should be uploaded to Blackboard. Reach out to your professor with any questions and good luck. If you are having any issues with the video upload,

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ECO 550
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