Eastern HSA3223 Final Exam Latest (50 questions) all are correct

Question 1
An organization that relies on proven empirical data to resolve questions and debates regarding policies or services is demonstrating: 
freedom from blame.
responsiveness to questions.
respect for scientific evidence.
Question 2
The marketing of services is somewhat easier than the marketing of products, in large part because there is no need to manage inventory. 
Question 3
What is one of the differences between Medicare and Medicaid?
Medicaid has more limits on the type and duration of services covered than Medicare has.
Medicaid is funded by the federal government, while funding for Medicare is shared by the federal government and the states.
Medicaid has income restrictions, while Medicare does not.
Medicaid has age limitations, while Medicare covers consumers of all ages.
Question 4

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Eastern HSA3223 Final Exam Latest (50 questions) all are correct
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