due tomorrow ….. child education

this is due tomorrow and no extended time….. Pick 2 of the following websites:  
– https://www.cappaonline.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&catid=19%3Adefault&id=40%3Achild-care-advocacy-california&Itemid=97
 California Child Care Advocacy Groups
– https://earlyedgecalifornia.org
– https://www.cacfs.org/about-us
– http://www.uacf4hope.org/
– ccfc@commercialfreechildhood.org
– http://www.hfrp.org/
– http://www.peaceeducators.org/
– https://dey.org
– https://www.nbcdi.org
– https://child360.org/who-we-are/
Do the following:  
1. Describe one or two agencies or organizations that you explored that were of particular interest to you

list the organization(s)
describe what they do (specifically) to support children and families

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due tomorrow ….. child education
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2.  Tell us why this/these organization(s) are important to you

do you have a personal connection? if so describe how/what
how do you think their work, if successful, will change the world for young children and families?

3. Describe how the organization/agency’s work relates to one or more concepts from our course.
Use the attachment to make reference to certain subjects in the book. Connect website with subjects in the book!!
 No reference page and no cover page needed  


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