due today ….. 8 hours …… read book and answer 3 questions

this assignment is due in 8 hours and there is no extended time
You will read an ebook (Mollie is Three) online which I will provide the login details for
You will read tabs 18-31 
You will then answer the following: 
1. What skills in this developmental domain are emerging and
developing in Mollie?

2. How is Mollie developing a sense of self and connection in the
classroom?  Describe the emerging patterns and development of her
prosocial behavior (working cooperatively with others)

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due today ….. 8 hours …… read book and answer 3 questions
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3. Describe how the role fantasy and dramatic play experiences
contribute to Mollie’s development.  What themes are being played
out?  What is the developmental motivation behind this play? 
 Minimum 2 complete paragraphs for each prompt/complete thoughts
for each prompt
*Use examples to support 


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