due today ….. 7 hours …….

 Due today in 7 hours no late work and no extended time…. this is about 2 page 
Do the following:
Participate and complete the Family Engagement Module (Links to an external site.) in Virtual Lab School
https://www.virtuallabschool.org/preschool/family-engagement/lesson-1?module=5491 (Links to an external site.)
2. READ: Chapter 5: Strengthening Specific Components of Social Competences in Katz.  Take notes!
3. After completing the Family Engagement Module (Links to an external site.) in Virtual Lab School (above):

Write a 2-3 pages  Virtual Lab School: Family Engagement Module  that answers the following prompts:

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due today ….. 7 hours …….
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 Write a summary of what you discovered from the module-
Connect and Reflect: connect to the text and other course materials and reflect on how the information you have explored informs your current or future career with children and/or families.

How does the information you have explored in the Family Engagement Module relate to topics we have explored so far in CDECE 59 this semester? (provide reasoning and back up your connection with direct text quotes or other content provided during the semester)
What new ideas or information did you discover? (choose 2-4 new ideas and why you think they are important)
Reflect on what this information means to you- how do you imagine you will use this information in your present or future career and why? (don’t forget the why!)

The attachment is the book you can use to make reference to 

children kidseducation


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