due today ….. 6 hours ….. child education

this assingment is due in 6 hours and there is no extra time. Must be done on time. 
Open the first attachment (48 final) and read and complete all directions. 
The second attachment is the book to make reference to which the assignment requires. 
For #1  in the attachment (48 final)
 1: Socialization
Using yourself as a model describe how your family, school and community worked together with other agents of socialization to lead you to the
person you are today. Explain and back up your reasoning using clear examples and text or article quotes from modules 1 and 2.
(agents of socialization: Media, neighborhood, economic status, religious affiliation, schools, peers, family and work) 
Use chapters 1-3 in the book for # 1 in attachment along with below:
I am Mexican female 26 years old, catholic, have mom and dad and 4 sisters and 2 brothers and live in Long Beach, California in United States. 
You can use that info above in number 1 along with other info you may find in book. 
Must complete all requirements in attachment (48 final)  
kidseducationchildren Community

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due today ….. 6 hours ….. child education
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