A learning journal is a collection of documented learning, observations, reflections, and experiences over a period. The purpose of the journal is to enhance and reinforce learning through the process of writing and thinking about what you have learned during the week of study because of the readings, videos, written assignments, quizzes, and class discussions. Remember, a learning journal helps you to be reflective about your learning, this means that your journal should not be a purely descriptive account of what you did but an opportunity to communicate your thinking process. You will want to complete all of this week’s learning activities prior to preparing and submitting your journal.  The learning journal can be a cumulative document of learning. There will be multiple learning journals throughout the course, you will add to the previous week’s submission incorporating edits, comments, and/or suggestions form the instructor’s feedback. Your learning journal should be at least 500 words and submitted in Word document format
Reflection Topic – Planning & Job Design
Please develop your learning journal using the questions below. 

What have I learned from the readings, videos, written assignments, quizzes, and class discussions?
What did I find puzzling, difficult, or contradictory?
What do I need to know more about and how can I go about finding more?
What opportunities exist?
What challenges remain?
How will I apply what I have learned this week on the job and/or in my personal growth and development?

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