Discussion Topic Critique Opinion

 As documented by numerous ongoing articles in the popular press, other media sources, and in heated policy debates, the shifting of jobs abroad (i.e., “offshore outsourcing”) continues to be a significant concern for employees in the US and in other countries throughout the world. Globalization has also resulted in global supply chains that enhance efficiency, productivity, and reduce consumer costs. At the same time, globalization has resulted in significant job dislocations and losses for many employees, particularly in manufacturing – though even white collar jobs have experienced dislocations and relocations (see The White-Collar Job Apocalypse That Didn’t Happen – The New York Times.pdf). 
A parallel trend is the growing usage of automation and artificial intelligence by many firms, resulting in similar dislocation concerns and potential interaction effects with globalization. The globalization costs have resulted in some recent deglobalization efforts and policies, consistent with prior historical trends during periods of significant dislocations and downturns. What are your thoughts on these issues? Your personal experiences in this regard would also be on point. 

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Discussion Topic Critique Opinion
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