Discussion: The Unmerciful Servant

In the Unforgiving Servant parable, Peter asks Jesus how many times one must forgive a brother when he sins against them. The answer Peter gets is direct and at the same time mind blowing as Jesus basically states an infinite number. This is something many struggle with and at times can become a central problem in relationships as we want to draw a line in the sand with a number. However, Christ instructs us to forgive our brothers and sisters an infinite number of times.
The thought of unlimited forgiveness is not easy, but it shows us the importance of showing mercy towards others and exemplifies how Christ treats us. No matter what we do, if we repent and are sincere with our repentance, Christ forgives us. In our personal and professional lives, forgiveness can be challenging, but choosing this approach not only releases us from the bitterness, pain, and difficulties of life that can so easily poison us, but ultimately sets us free from the prison of an unforgiving heart.
Upon successful completion of this discussion, you will be able to:

Interpret the Virtuous Business Model through the lens of a parable (a story told by Jesus).
Analyze an issue or problem related to a specific industry using the lens of the VBM as framed in this parable.

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Discussion: The Unmerciful Servant
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Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade. 
Read Matthew 18:21-35(new tab) and the Virtuous Business Model(Excel spreadsheet).
Reflect on the following questions: 

What past personal experience(s) can you relate to the parable?
How does the Scripture inform your understanding of the VBM?
What can you do differently or better as a result of this reflective learning exercise?



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