Discussion Responses

1.  A work breakdown structure is an important tool for project managers. It allows the project manager to plan out the work required for a project as well as the minute details of the project (PMBOK, 2017). A WBS also acts as a map for other team members, which they can reference if there is ever any confusion as to the next steps of the project. A WBS includes all the necessary steps needed to complete the project. Each team member is assigned specific tasks which they are responsible for completing. The work breakdown structure allows them to identify which tasks need to be completed at each point throughout the course of the project.

2.   You explain how the project manager plans the required work in the work breakdown structure along with the minute details. How should the project manager follow up in assuring the tasks are carried out properly and should he create resolving methods ahead of time.
3.  The WBS, or the Work Breakdown Structure, is essential as part of a project’s lifecycle and timeline. An important part of project planning, the WBS begins with a hierarchy of tasks and levels that help to identify how the project will flow within a designed timeline set by the project manager”.(brighthub,2021).
     One benefit of using WBS Project Management is that it provides the project team members a full understanding of where their work fits into the project management plan  and it gives them a look at the impact of their work on the whole  project. Considering that there will be several project team members, WBS will help the project team to see how each activity or deliverable helps  complete the product and project scope.
     A second benefit is WBS helps build communication and cooperation between and among the project team and other stakeholders. WBS Project Management shows the hierarchy of the project work and deliverables of a project scope, completed work, remaining work and project team members working on same work package.  All of these can be  explained to project stakeholders. There will be several smaller tasks  
in the work package, and these will be assigned to project team members, WBS Project Management will be helpful for the cooperation between project team members.(masterofproject,2021).
   Without the Work Breakdown Structure, the Project Management Process would be without a foundation to work with. There are many other benefits than the two mentioned above. I chose the two because I believe they are important to achieve all other benefits because of the  understanding and communication between team members that they build.
Peter Leonardis
Retrieved on September 28, 2021 from www.brighthubpm.com/project-planning/38696-the-importance-of-defining-a-projects-duration/  
Retrieved on September 28, 2021 from https://blog.masterofproject.com/wbs-project-management/
.4.  The Scope of work seems to be what we are doing while the WBS is more of a how we are doing the project. After the WBS is done it feels like this is the time to start the work, but even with a good WBS could be all for not if your scope of work is poorly done. Can your WBS pull out information that you can revise your scope of work that would better fit your project?

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Discussion Responses
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