Discussion question and answer 2 – OpenStax, American Government

Chapter 11 in OpenStax, American Government.According to your text, the intention of the framers of our Constitution was for the members of Congress to act in a spirit of compromise. In this way, resulting legislation would reflect the interests of the many rather than those of a particular faction. In practice, what are the dangers and inefficiencies when party unity and partisanship cause Congress to become deadlocked and unable to agree upon action? Provide examples from recent history. Chapters 12 and 15 in OpenStax, American GovernmentVisit the www.whitehouse.gov website. Take some time to examine current issues as well as suggestions for how citizens can participate in government. Have you ever participated in any of these ways? If so, what was the result? Discuss other ways citizens can make their voices known to or can interact with the executive branch of government. What does becoming informed have to do with the duties of a citizen?

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Discussion question and answer 2 – OpenStax, American Government
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