Discussion post Reply 300 words

To be a leader, you must first understand yourself. Your personal philosophy of nursing will help you fit into the complex and changing healthcare system (Links to an external site.) and the profession of nursing which reaching for your goals. 

Complete all assigned Module readings as the foundation for this assignment. Also, review the Course Objectives provided in the module. Additional resources for this assignment are provided in Module 7. 
This is a two-part post: Part 1 Nursing Theory and Part 2 Personal Philosophy of Nursing
Part 1: Select one nursing theory using the links provided or self-selected resources. Provide a short description of the selected theory and your rationale for choosing the theory. Cite your source and list it as a reference using APA in your post. Include in your theory description the definitions for each of the theory components of the meta-paradigm: person/individual, health, environment, and nursing.  Remember, Benner’s theory cannot be used in the Module 7 assignment because I have used it as an example many times. 
Part 2: Consider your selected nursing theory and write your personal philosophy of nursing. Here are some possible ideas to consider before writing: 

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Discussion post Reply 300 words
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What is nursing? (Links to an external site.)
Why is it important to me? (Links to an external site.)
What are 2-3 values critical to me and my clinical practice? Consider this article on the importance of professional values from nursing students’ perspectives. (Links to an external site.)
What ethical values are critical to the profession that I intend to contribute to healthcare? (Links to an external site.)
What does a nurse bring to society? 
Who makes a great nurse? Review: 10 Qualities That Make a Great Nurse (Links to an external site.). 7 Qualities Define What Makes a Good Nurse (Links to an external site.).
What qualities and skills are important for nurses? 

Here are the steps to write your Personal Philosophy of Nursing for this post

Step 1 Begin by defining exactly what nursing means to you personally considering your selected theory.
You do not need a formal definition; it is ok to weave your written response as an explanation. You can use free-form sentences as long as this is clearly written
Step 2 Include one story or more if you want to, that elaborates on some of your values, traits, and skills, and philosophy.  Consider describing how and why you embody all of these with examples from your story from life or clinical in your philosophy of nursing.
Step 3 Discuss how you personally intend to impact society and healthcare through your clinical nursing practice. Some personal nursing philosophy examples include using your nursing to better-underprivileged communities, vulnerable populations, or to make an impact in-home care environments.
Step 4 Conclude by highlighting the values, traits, and skills that mean the most to you as a persona and professional. If you can, tie these qualities into your past, current, or planned future experiences. 

Post your two-part post (Part 1 Nursing Theory and Part 2  Personal Philosophy of Nursing). Review the requirements, rubric, and due date!  Save a copy for future reference. Your Personal Philosophy of Nursing will change many times over your career and it is a wonderful point of reference to see how you grow and change with time, education, experiences, and trends. 

Discussion Post Instructions
Review all course objectives listed below before posting.
Respond to the prompt as described above. 
Module 7 has been opened since 9/15/21 for your review and submissions. 
Post Requirements 

Your initial post should be at least two paragraphs addressing the prompts and course objectives (300 words minimum, one reference required) with peer responses one peer of reply one paragraph (100-200 words). See the rubric. 
Make your initial post by Thursday at 11:59 PM 11/18/21 or earlier and respond to one other student’s post no later than the due date at 11:59 PM 11/21/21. 
Remember, Benner’s theory cannot be used in the Module 7 assignment because I have used it as an example many times. 


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