discussion post

To say that people have different interests and agendas is to state the obvious. The last section we have read of The Good Nurse has explained how Charles Cullen was identified as the perpetrator, how additional homicides were identified, and how Cullen was convinced to confess. All of this is set against a medical and criminal investigative backdrop. If you read the acknowledgments, you will see that Graeber was helped by many law enforcement and medical personnel in the interest of accuracy of the process. 
This week please respond to ONE of the following questions, being sure to let me know what number you’re responding to.
1. Despite knowing of Cullen’s homicides, Amy Loughren felt guilt at contributing to his capture. Cullen was supported by and exploited women throughout his career. What personality traits do you think allowed Cullen to exploit women or made women vulnerable to Cullen?
2. How would you compare Capote’s treatment of the Clutter murders with Graeber’s treatment of the Cullen murders? What do you see as the primary differences between literary journalism as exemplified by Graeber and True Crime fiction as exemplified by Capote? Try to include the horizontal/vertical balance discussed in the Capote resources.
3. How would you compare Capote’s style in In Cold Blood with Graber’s in The Good Nurse?

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discussion post
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