discussion post

Probation is a popular alternative to incarceration. There are more offenders on probation than there are inmates in prison. So what makes probation so appealing?
Its popularity comes from the fact that offenders avoid jail time, it helps with decreasing prison overcrowding, and it serves a good way to deter criminal behavior in the community. One of the most important requirements of probation is that offenders comply with the terms of their probation sentence.
When inmates do not comply, they are in jeopardy of having their probation revoked. This process is called a revocation hearing. Revocation hearings are important because the outcome determines what happens next for the inmate.
For this discussion, answer the following:
Imagine you are a probation officer preparing for a revocation hearing. Your offender has a good job and stays out of trouble. During the offenders last visit with you, they tested positive for marijuana. This is the first probation violation. What would your recommendation be for this offender at the revocation hearing and why?

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discussion post
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