Discussion Post

Explain how methodologies, such as case studies, ethnographic, and phenomenology research provide useful qualitative data. This relates to data collection. Discuss the best uses for qualitative research methods related to nursing practices. Directions: Should be 200-250 words double spaced. It’s a discussion post, pretty short, the most important thing is for 2 sources to be used: one is the textbook which I included the chapter it mainly starts from page 41. Another is a scholarly article like a peer-reviewed journal from 2017-2021. Reply post to a student is only 150-200 words. I won’t have the student’s post for the “reply” but as long as the same subject is discussed with more input or different info/insight it will work. I will then personalize it to the student’s post. Reply should also have references: the book and a scholarly article. Thank you so much!

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Discussion Post
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