Discussion: Information and the Internet—Laws and Regulation (300 words)


Research and read the below concepts related to “Cybercrime/Cyberlaw in Information systems”

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Discussion: Information and the Internet—Laws and Regulation (300 words)
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Cybercrime and Information System Security 
Legal Issues and Ethics in Computer Security

Respond to the following prompts and questions:

Discuss the concerns and issues of privacy and compliance to the interconnected world of the internet.
Discuss the various laws and regulations associated with cybercrime. Select two regulations or laws and provide an in-depth description. What are the challenges of enforcing such laws or regulations? Based on your understanding of the law or regulation, how could it be more completely and efficiently enforced?
Do these laws and regulations need to be enhanced (regulation vs. net neutrality)? Explain why or why not.

Your initial post should be at least 300 words in APA style format and supported with at least three references.


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