Discussion for Monday

For this chapter, I want you to focus on a significant person in your life that is NOT a member of your immediate family (no siblings or parents/grandparents). This can be a best friend, a spouse, a boyfriend or girlfriend, or a coworker. I want you to analyze your relationship using some of the concepts we covered in this chapter and answer the following questions. 1). How did you meet (and was proximity involved at all)? 2). Do you feel you are similar to this person, or do you think you are in that “opposites attract” arrangement (this is possible for pure friendships, too!). 3). What is the driving force behind your affiliation – is it biological, individual, or situational, and why (that is, describe that force)? Finally (but optionally!), if it is a love oriented relationship, which level do you think you are at (passionate, companionate, or consummate)? For your follow-up comment, use some of what you learn in this chapter to compare and contrast your own relationship with the relationship of another group member. Do you think they have a better strategy than you do for maintaining their relationship, or do you think you are the one who stumbled into the perfect relationship or friendship?

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Discussion for Monday
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