Discussion Assignment

Topic 3As noted by the CDC (2012), a disease or health condition does not happen randomly in any population. It often occurs in a certain population with high risk factors. This assignment will increase your analytical skills to identify the risk factors, potential evidence-based nursing interventions, and evaluation measures for a patient, family, or community.Each of you goes to page 122 of Lundy and Janes (2016) textbook and reviews the list of communicable diseases.Uses the internet to find the news or reports of a communicable disease in a specific community (locally, nationally, or globally). It does not need to be an outbreak. Any communicable disease taken place in the past 7 years is acceptable.Finds at least an EBP article related to the chosen condition. An EBP citation/reference (e.g., a peer-reviewed article, CDC MMWR, EBP Guidelines from a professional organization.) should be within 7 years unless it is a rare disease.Posts your analysis on the MDB. In no more than 100 words, apply the Epidemiological Triad or Web of Causation for the condition. Specify which are the agent, host (potential intrinsic factors), and environment (potential extrinsic factors).Agent:_________________________Host(s):________________________Environmental factors:____________________________________________On 150-200 words, apply the EBP to assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of community health interventions in this case (discuss how you would assess, intervene, and evaluate the patient or the community as a whole).Feel feel to reach out to me with any questions. This is a discussion assignment.APPENDIX CGrading Rubric: Discussion PostsStudent Name:_______CriteriaTopic 1Topic 2Topic 3Topic 4Topic 5Demonstrates analysis and critical thinking related to readings (summarizing the reading content is not acceptable).Completes all required discussion questions of each topic. Incorporates reading assignments/resources. Uses at least 2 references from textbooks, peer-reviewed articles (within 7 years), or credible websites.Overall writing ability:Grammar/spellingAPA format of citations and referencesConciseness— stay within word/page limitationIntroduction and Concluding comments are included (for group posts only).Total = 4* (if the post is assigned for 3 or 5 pts, the earned pt. will be proportionally calculated)Points Excellent = 1Satisfactory = .75Unsatisfactory = .5Poor                = .25Unacceptable = 0

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Discussion Assignment
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