Discussion 7.1: Anatomy and Physiology Foundation

Discuss the importance of a strong foundation in Anatomy in Physiology in the field of Nursing. 

Include the most interesting thing you have learned about this term
Explain what you feel was the most challenging concept in Anatomy and Physiology

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Discussion 7.1: Anatomy and Physiology Foundation
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Discussion Expectations:  
The minimum requirements for class discussions are to respond directly to the discussion prompt and to respond to at least two other posts, by other students or the instructor, by the end of the week. The discussion will close on the due date and will NOT be reopened for a late submission. 

Submit one main post responding directly to each part of the discussion prompt(s) by Thursday at 11:59 PM ET.

This should be a substantive response (between 75 -150 words minimum) to the topic(s) in your own words, referencing (using APA format) what you have discovered in your required reading and other learning activities.

You may use resources in addition to your textbook that supports your post(s); however, you must mention the source(s) that you used in your post(s) using APA format in-text citations and reference lists. You can review APA formatting here: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/general_format.html

   2.  Reply to at least two posts (at least 50 words in length each) by Sunday at 11:59 PM ET.   Responses can be made to students or to your instructor.
   3.  Responses to other individuals’ posts should:

Expand on their ideas.

Discuss the differences between your thoughts and theirs.

Explain why you agree or disagree.

Always remain respectful.

biology ANATOMY


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