Discussion 4

Address this discussion in 200 to 250 words or more. Use additional research to support your answers and remember to cite your sources. Then respond to at least two classmate’s posts.
Recent challenges such as the pandemic have brought to light challenges with the quality of critical products. Foreign suppliers steal patented products, strategic materials are in the control of adversaries, etc. Please formulate your thoughts regarding the quality of supply chains for nationally strategic product that are globally disbursed
Base you post on the following articles:
The US needs to rethink its overseas supply chain
The US needs to rethink its overseas supply chainAmerica’s national security depends on having a deeper knowledge of the full supply chains of subcomponents, including how and where they are produced.Thomas AyresDefense News
Word Document of article: Counterpoint A critical supply chain America must bring home.docx
Counterpoint: A critical supply chain America must bring home
COUNTERPOINT: A critical supply chain America must bring homeIn recent weeks Americans have been aghast and disgusted to see the dangerous extent to which we rely on China for the personal protective equipment so vital to healthcare workers.PAUL STEIDLER InsideSources.com (TNS)Arizona Daily Sun

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Discussion 4
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