Discussion 3

Address the bulleted items in 200 to 250 words or more. Use additional research to support your answers and remember to cite your sources. Then respond to at least two classmate’s posts.
As a business I want to know what are the basic expectations for my product or service. Where do I go to know what these standards are? Organizations many non-profits have been established to provide the requirements, specifications, guidelines, or characteristics of a product or service. An example is the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). Standards from this and other organizations take into account governmental regulations materials used, products produced, processes applied, and services that are suitable the intended purpose.
Base you post on the following:
• Watch:
The Challenge of Ensuring Food Quality in a Growing Complex Food Supply Chain video https://youtu.be/tURAsK9g4JY
• Go to the following web page and explore some of these organizations:
• Find a specific standards organization you are interested in. It can be different than the ones on the website.
• Give a description of this organization
• Discuss specifically
§  Where do these standards come from?
§  Does this organization offer other services?
§  How do they help their industry maintain quality?
managementsupply chain

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Discussion 3
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