Answer TWO of the following three questions:

1. Watch this excerpt of episode 4 of “Broadway” The American Musical”:
Broadway Ep 4 part 1

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  • Discuss 2-3 of the innovations of the 1940s musical
  • If you had to choose, which do you think was most important and
  • Why?

2. Find at least TWO different recordings of the SAME song from a Broadway music from the 1940s

  • Can be revival productions (that is, more recent, not the original 40s performance/recordings)
  • Post links if possible
  • Which recording do you prefer?
  • Why? (Be specific.)

3. Imagine that you could DREAM CAST a musical from the 1940s (i.e. cast any performers from any era/genre/field).

  • Name the musical and
  • At least FOUR characters from it and
  • The performers you would cast 

Keep in mind you could cast a current Broadway performer and a 1990s pop singer, and a rapper, and a long-deceased actor, etc.

Name your dream cast and include a short paragraph on WHY this cast!


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