Discussion 2: Laying the Groundwork for Focused Direction

With increased involvement from the state and federal government, school districts are requiring more accountability on the part of special education teachers. From meeting or exceeding state standardized assessments to demonstrating progress on individualized goals and objectives, mandates handed down have resulted in an ill-conceived obsession with test results. As a result, special education leaders need to be able to build capacity and cultivate intentional ways to collaborate and learn. Whether it is leading staff in the direction of adopting new programs, approaches, or practices, leaders are responsible for establishing a clear, focused direction connected to student learning.
For this Discussion, you will assume the role of the special education leader. Considering the case scenario, address Fullan and Quinn’s elements for focusing direction as you begin to design a learning plan for addressing the mandates handed down by the district.
To Prepare:

Review the four elements of “Focused Direction” in Chapter 2 as you consider the mandates handed down by the district. Reflect on teaching and student learning and how you will involve everyone.
Review the Case Scenario, focusing on the school’s current academic progress for students with exceptionalities.
Review Choi et al. article focusing on the school-wide implementation of inclusive practices to improve student outcomes.

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Discussion 2: Laying the Groundwork for Focused Direction
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By Day 3 of Week 3
Post a learning plan addressing the elements of focusing direction:
Purpose Driven:

How will you develop a shared moral purpose and meaning focused on building relationships and getting all teachers to have a shared understanding?
Identify the steps you will use to connect regular education teachers around the purpose.

Goals That Impact:

Using the four-step approach to addressing the problem, outline your learning design plans to collect and monitor IEP goals and objectives.
Clearly identify the purpose and goals for data collection and progress monitoring of IEP goals and objectives.

Clarity of Strategy:

Identify the new collaborative plans for progress monitoring and data collection. Be sure the strategy/plans and steps are clear, specifying each member’s roles and responsibilities.

Change Leadership:

Explain how you will facilitate the change process.



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