Discussion 2

Address the bulleted items in 200 to 250 words or more. Use additional research to support your answers and remember to cite your sources. Then respond to at least two classmate’s posts.
The theory of quality has been developing for many years. What we think of quality today is a combination of ideas that have come together from the great thinkers in quality. Starting in the early 1900’s with Taylor, Frank, Gilbreth and Scientific Management to today with Lean Six Sigma and Supply Chain Management Quality (SCMQ). The purpose of this discussion is understand the origins of quality. Your answers should be logical and use standard English grammar and spelling in your posting.
Base you post on the following:
• Choose a quality theory and briefly describe it. (State the theory and who was responsible for it.)
• How is this theory used today, what changes have occurred to it since it was developed, and/or how has it been combined with other theories?
• Give an example of an organization that has successfully used this theory.
The following are some of the names of contributors and contributions:

Taylor, Frank, Gilbreth and Scientific Management
Shewhart – Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Dodge and Roming – Acceptance Sampling
Military Specification (Milspec)
Deming an Juarn – Quality Management
Taguchi Method
Schonberger, Shingo, and Hall – Total Quality Management (TQM)
Malcom Baldrige Award
Six Sigma
Contingency Theory in Quality
Supply Chain Management Quality (SCMQ)
Design for Quality

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Discussion 2
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