you remember from BIOS251, one of the fundamental principles of Anatomy and Physiology is the interdependence of all body systems and how the proper function of one system is intimately tied to the proper function of other organ systems, and ultimately the overall homeostasis of the human body.
For the Week 8 discussion of BIOS256, I would like you to go back in time. Think back to previous sessions and consider the various organs and organ systems that were discussed in BIOS251, BIOS252, and BIOS255. Choose one of the following organs or organ systems:

Integumentary system
Skeletal system
Muscular system
Nervous system
Special senses
Endocrine system
Blood and hemodynamics
Cardiovascular system
Immune system
Respiratory system

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After you have chosen one of the above organs or organ systems, discuss how it is intricately connected to any of the major topics that were covered this session in BIOS256. How are these systems integrated? How do they work together to contribute to the overall homeostasis of the human body?
For example, in week 1 and 2 we discussed the digestive system, and the importance of intrinsic factor to red blood cell production. One approach would be to discuss the connection between dietary absorption of intrinsic factor, its relationship to vitamin B12, and the maintenance of a healthy hemato


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