There are a variety of options when wanting to work in a lab. In this discussion, do a little research to describe a research lab and the role of the lab manager. Please use a specific laboratory (make sure you cite it in APA and use in-text citations where necessary).
(a) Lab category: (examples–clinical, industry, academic, research, animal care, pharmaceutical, etc.) Once you select a specific laboratory and decide on the category, please state why it would fit under the category selected. Support your answers from information from the website.
(b) Type of company (profit, non-profit, fee-use, applied research, medical, product-producing, etc.) and relate this in a complete sentence. Please relate why your laboratory selected falls under this category.
(c) Work conducted in lab (2-3 sentence summary) and if this is why you selected this lab (are you interested in this topic).
(d) 3 to 5 responsibilities of the Lab Manager in this setting in complete sentences
(e) Any web references used (please cite the website of the laboratory you selected)


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