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Used the website and other to help with the discussion questions. Longest, B. B., & Darr, K. (2014). Managing health services organizations and systems )6th ed). Baltimore, MD: Health Professions Press.
Hakanen, M., & Soudunsaari, A. (2012). Building trust in high-performing teams. Technology Innovation Management Review, 2(6), 38–41.
Healey, B. J., & Marchese, M. C. (2012). Foundations of health care management: Principles and methods. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
1. Workforce Analysis
For this discussion question, review the scenario presented in the Vila Health: Human Resources multimedia piece.
The operating room (OR) at your hospital has seen an increase in surgical cases. As a result of the increase, the OR schedule is unable to accommodate new elective cases for approximately two months. To accommodate patient demands and not lose business, the nurse manager would like to open two additional operating suites; however, due to lack of staff, she is unable to do so. For your initial response to the discussion, respond to the following:

What information does the nurse manager need to conduct an analysis of the current workforce?
Once all information is obtained, how will the nurse manager create a business case for the staffing need? One approach would be to return on investment versus the cost to staff.

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Finally, discuss the implications of not anticipating future needs of the organization, addressing the patient demand on the organization, the need for additional services, and staffing. Support your response with findings from the literature.
2. Staffing Alternatives
Once a staffing need has been acknowledged, the decision must be made as to the appropriate employment type suited for the identified need. Options include full time, part time, per diem outsourcing and in the case of physicians, locum tenens. For your initial response to the below discussion question:

Pick two employment types and define each.
Identify the positives and negatives of each employment type you identified.

3. Competitive Advantages Through Workforce Diversity
Changes in demographics of the United States population require organizations to develop and cultivate teams that reflect the characteristics and cultures of the patients they serve. Diversity and inclusion among the health care workforce, considered a strategic necessity by the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), is an innovative necessity for organizations to deliver value and reduce disparities that currently exist. For your initial response, address the following:

Discuss what a high-performing, highly diverse team is.
Discuss why diversity should be everyone’s responsibility within the organization.
Identify the implications of not cultivating and sustaining a diverse workforce for the organization as well as the consumers.
Examine how culture and diversity can leverage the organization to make innovative strategic decisions.

Requirements: 800-900 words


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