In your post, identify which question you are addressing. Refer to your course materials and outside resources to support your responses.
Option 1: What are the effects of pornography consumption on the individual, relationships, and families? Is the use of pornography ever helpful to an individual or couple? Why or why not? Discuss potential counseling and/or spiritual interventions.
Option 2: Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder and Sexual Addiction 
Refer to your course readings and outside resources to discuss the recently added diagnosis of Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder (CSBD) in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) and current treatment recommendations. Compare what you find with what is shared in your textbooks. What are the similarities and differences? Include information on the various models of assisting the betrayed spouse (there is a growing model that is trauma-informed).
Option 3: Sexual identity conflicts and Gender Dysphoria 
Refer to your course readings and outside resources to discuss the issue of Sexual Identity conflict and Gender Dysphoria. What are the various models of responding to these presenting issues? How might the Christian counselor ethically respond to these topics?
Option 4: Refer to your course readings and outside resources to discuss the role of the church in addressing sexual brokenness issues. What are the potential barriers to offering these resources in the Church? Research to locate resources that are currently available to the local church. How might a Christian helping professional come alongside the local church to provide support?

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