Review the embedded document to see your assigned topic. Post a response to any of the questions but especially the questions in bold at the end of each topic assigned to your group. If possible, relate it to one of the terms listed at the top: magical realism, multiculturalism, or feminism/gender issues. Write one paragraph in response to each short story. State the title of the short story and the element of fiction. Then, introduce the speaker or the context of your selected quote and state the quote followed by the MLA citation. Discuss the significance of the quote. (Limit each paragraph to 3-5 sentences.)

When is the conflict introduced? What
incident develops its intensity? What moment is the height of the drama? How is the conflict
In “The Moths” what is the effect of the moths on your interpretation of the resolution?
In “The Word Love” which conflict is most powerful: the narrator and her mother or the
narrator and her partner (boyfriend)? 

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