Discussion 1: Shift to Deep Learning

To Prepare:

Review Chapter 4 in the Fullan and Quinn text, reflecting on the three elements that deepen learning. Reflect on how these elements would impact the organization in the case scenario.
Review Figure 4.2: Deep Learning Competencies—The 6Cs. Consider what the learning would look like for each competency.
Consider the five examples presented in the text, reflecting on the similarities each district displayed in moving whole systems toward deeper learning.
Review the case scenarios presented in Modules 2 and 3 and reflect on how you would deepen learning of the staff to understand the goals of the new initiative.

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Discussion 1: Shift to Deep Learning
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By Day 3 of Week 6
Post your plan sharing the steps that you, as the leader, would take to clarify learning goals and develop precision in pedagogical practices to “shift practices” within the case scenario site. Be sure to include reference to the 6C’s and other chapter topics, such as the student learning model and the role of technology.

Explain what learning would look like for each of the competencies.
Identify the pedagogies that foster those competencies.
Design measures to assess student progress.

* Need to have 3 references and 7th edition APA 


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