Discussion 1.3 Management Theories

 approximately 200 words and at least one reference supporting your response. No plagiarism. 
You oversee a team comprised of four different generations. As the manager, explain what management theory or theories (classical, behavioral, and management science) you would adapt to effectively lead your diverse team for effective production, employee commitment, and high morale. Also, explain why you chose those theories. Describe how you would apply those theories to each of the different generations to foster a collaborative team.
Today’s workforce is dynamic and ever-changing because of globalization and technology. Not only has the workforce grown with complexities, there are now four different generations working together simultaneously. With different generations in the workforce, comes different management styles and techniques needed to effectively manage and lead those different generations.
Read this article by Lindsey Pollack on What are the Different Generations in the Workplace? Your Definitive Guide. (Links to an external site.)
This article details the traits of different generations and shows how each generation has vastly different viewpoints, perceptions, and needs.

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Discussion 1.3 Management Theories
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