Discuss theorists and their contribution(s) to healthcare.Writer’s choice

In this assignment, you will demonstrate your knowledge of a theorist who has significantly contributed to the field of ethics in health care, within an informational presentation. This will be accomplished by developing by writing your selected theorist. Using the viewpoint of a healthcare administrator, it should be informational beyond a biography of someone, and you will demonstrate how their ideologies have contributed to the development of ethics in health care. Likewise, you will explore how your selected theorists’ contributions may impact the future of ethics in health care. Include three (3) academic references and submit your assignment in APA format.Organize your submission as follows:1. A brief overview of your selected theorist.2. Details of their theory.3. Significant contributions to the field of healthcare.4. Give at least one example of how you would apply the contribution of their theory with current health care dilemmas.5. At least three (3) credible and scholarly references to support your assertions.6. Ensure that your viewpoint and purpose are clearly established.7. Ensure your paper delivery techniques, including word choice and l expressiveness, display exceptional content, organization, and style, while leading the audience to a dynamic and supported conclusion.

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Discuss theorists and their contribution(s) to healthcare.Writer’s choice
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