Discuss Responses to Trauma and the Systemic Treatment of Trauma

After reviewing the assigned materials, prepare a PowerPoint presentation that demonstrates your understanding of how trauma may affect children and adults and possible treatments that could be offered by an MFT. Imagine that you will deliver this presentation at a local service agency to educate clinicians about the role of MFTs in trauma intervention.Be sure your presentation addresses the following questions:Why is it important to understand the impact of trauma on attachment?How can understanding the effects of trauma assist you in your work with clients?What are the symptoms of PTSD?How can family members and other systemically connected individuals assist in the process and outcome of treatment for trauma and PTSD?What systems-based interventions could be offered by an MFT to assist survivors in healing and recovery from PTSD?Incorporate appropriate animations, transitions, graphics, and “speaker notes.” The speaker notes may be comprised of brief paragraphs or bulleted lists. Be sure to add a reference slide or transition for all the references you use. Scholarly references, including those from your assigned readings for the weeks, are required. Be sure to add your last name in the footer of each slide.

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Discuss Responses to Trauma and the Systemic Treatment of Trauma
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