Part I
· Based a your evaluation of leadership skills and your experiences, explain how the presence or absence of technology affects the leadership approach and requisite skills: administrative, interpersonal, and conceptual. In what ways might technology aid or interfere with developing relationships or the effectiveness of team communication? Explain, providing one additional new resource (published within the last 3 years) to support your position.
· Take a stance on which approach (servant, democratic, authoritarian, laissez-faire, or transformational) you believe to be most effective in affecting human performance change. Explain, providing quotes from the resources. 
Part II
· An analysis of the leadership characteristics needed to lead face-to-face and/or virtual teams.  Now, you will explain your solutions for mitigating the challenges introduced by growth in diversity and a desire for equity on teams and in team leadership. Share a new article that you found within 3 years.
· Consider whether there is a need for a separate theory of team leadership that takes into consideration diversity and equity in virtual teams or whether you believe one of the leadership models you read about is appropriate. Justify your position with specific references to the readings, your new article, and/or personal experience.

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