Diffusion Innovation

we can see that e-commerce is mixing up a lot of how business distribution worked.
This has caused changes to how we view distance, time, and location. 
Below is the summary of the text highlights exploring how distance, time, and location have affected sorting, routines, and searching. 
The effects of technology on distribution channels

The death of distance and reassortment/sorting
The death of distance and routinization
The death of distance and searching
The homogenization of time and reassortment/sorting
The homogenization of time and routinization
The homogenization of time and searching
The irrelevance of location and reassortment/sorting
The irrelevance of location and routinization
The irrelevance of location and searching

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Diffusion Innovation
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Using this summary of changes, and the below diagram, think about how you might innovate distribution. 
Roger’s Theory: https://sphweb.bumc.bu.edu/otlt/mph-modules/sb/behavioralchangetheories/behavioralchangetheories4.html

The second blow one from : https://www.sketchbubble.com/en/presentation-diffusion-of-innovation-theory.html

1) Pick a company, industry, or process you would like to see improved. Isolate the issue you would like to be addressed/improved.
2) Pick one step in creating innovation and one attribute in influence adoption. 
3) Explore/explain how the death of distance, the homogenization of time, or irrelevance of location could change the way that company, industry, or process could create innovation and help customers adapt to that innovation. 
4) For up to a 4% bump in extra credit, pick three steps from both groups (creating innovation and influencing adoption) and explore all six. 


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