Devry SOCS185 Week 7 Quiz Latest/Devry SOCS185 Week 7 Quiz Latest

Question 1
Today, increasing affluence, better nutrition, and more sophisticated medical expertise have increased the average _____ in rich countries.
age cohort
functional age
life expectancy
life stage
Question 2
Generation X is sometimes called the “baby bust” because they
produced more children than any other generation.
are a small age cohort.
were deprived of luxuries as children.
represent the largest generation, numerically.
Question 3
Socially, death is marked
in very different ways across cultures and time periods.
with weeping, wailing, and tearing off of clothes.
with a joyful feast.
with ritualistic markings on the body of the dead.
Question 4
Before the 20th century, elders without families to care for them
were provided for by well-funded public retirement homes.
were supported by hefty welfare payments from the state.

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Devry SOCS185 Week 7 Quiz Latest/Devry SOCS185 Week 7 Quiz Latest
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