Devry JADM350 Week 8 Final Exam /Devry JADM350 Week 8 Final Exam

Question 1 (TCO 1) The most commonly used source of research funding for crime and justice academics is:
the Public Broadcast System (PBS)
the NIJ
the BJS
the FBI
the Ford Foundation
Question 2 (TCO 1) A method that uses a written questionnaire or formal interview to gather quantitative data on the backgrounds, behaviors, beliefs, or attitudes of a large number of people or agencies is called
survey research
nonreactive research
all of the above
Question 3 
(TCO 1) During the Enlightenment, people believed in
logical reasoning
emphasis on experiences in the material world
a belief in human progress
a questioning of traditional religious authority
all of the above
Question 4 

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Devry JADM350 Week 8 Final Exam /Devry JADM350 Week 8 Final Exam
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