Devry HSM330 Week 8 Final Exam Latest/Devry HSM330 Week 8 Final Exam Latest

Question 1 (CO 1) A health record that maintains information throughout the lifespan of the patient, ideally from birth to death, is known as a
patient-centric record.
integrated health record.
problem-oriented health record.
longitudinal health record.
Question 2 (CO 2) Which of the following functions does an EDMS NOT support?
Viewing of documents
Presentation for legal health record
Capture and processing of structured data
Question 3 (CO 2) What is the impact of a legacy ancillary source system on an EHR?
None; ancillary systems only impact department operations.
Minimal; ancillary systems generate results that can be viewed through a document
maging system.
Significant; if data cannot be exchanged in structured format between an EHR and a source system, the EHR will not achieve the most value.
Moderate; the EHR may help the ancillary system perform its tasks.
Question 4 (CO 3) What is the legal precedent created by judges wherein they can interpret either statutory law or previous judicial proceedings?
Case law
State law

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Devry HSM330 Week 8 Final Exam Latest/Devry HSM330 Week 8 Final Exam Latest
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