Development of COVID-19 vaccine

What are the main arguments in the article?2. What evidence supports the arguments being made?3. How do the arguments being made in the article can be connected to the class discussion of that specific factor(regulations, animal testing or ethics etc.)?4. What questions were raised for you while reading this article about the factor such as regulations, animal testing or ethics etc(these questions should be significant in the context of the course)5. What are the shortcomings of the articles chosen?6. Where do you line up within the context of your understanding of learning of the factor discussed in the article and in the class?7. Will addressing the issue(s) outlined by the author lead to improvements for individuals? Community? Pharmaceutical companies? How? Do some people stand to benefit while others lose out? Please explain.the assignment must be typed, double-spaced, with standard 1″ margins in a 12-point Time Romans font using APA referencing style, APA 7 format and must use a scholarly article, The publication of dates of articles ranges from 2011-2021

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Development of COVID-19 vaccine
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