Developing a Culture of Evidence-Based Practice

NOTE: 300 words with 4 resources. Kindly read the instruction below. 
As your EBP skills grow, you may be called upon to share your expertise with others. While EBP practice is often conducted with unique outcomes in mind, EBP practitioners who share their results can both add to the general body of knowledge and serve as an advocate for the application of EBP.
In this assignment you will explore strategies for disseminating EBP within your organization, community, or industry. 
To Prepare:
· Reflect on the various strategies that may be helpful in disseminating effective and widely cited EBP.
o This may include: unit-level or organizational-level presentations, poster presentations, and podium presentations at organizational, local, regional, state, and national levels, as well as publication in peer-reviewed journals.
· Reflect on which type of dissemination strategy you might use to communicate EBP.
Post three dissemination strategies you would be most inclined to use and explain why. Explain which dissemination strategies you would be least inclined to use and explain why. Identify three barriers you might encounter when using the dissemination strategies, you are most inclined to use. Be specific and provide examples. Explain how you might overcome the barriers you identified.

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Developing a Culture of Evidence-Based Practice
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