Develop an Intervention to Enhance Couple Differentiation

develop a handout/worksheet you can give to clients, which explains couple differentiation and a specific intervention for them to do at home between sessions. The intervention will be designed to help clients increase their levels of differentiation, which will help them connect without being so reactive. If you have trouble thinking of your own intervention, it’s fine for you to adapt one from your research but make sure to give credit to the original author(s). Follow these guidelines in designing the brochure/handout:Explain differentiationDescribe an intervention designed to increase differentiation in couples.Remember, this worksheet/handout will be used with clients; thus, make sure you explain the concepts and give direction in clear and simple language.After completing the handout/worksheet, write a brief reflection addressing the following:Discuss how you would use your intervention with a couple.Discuss the effectiveness of this intervention. How would focusing on differentiation help couples make desired changes to their relationships?

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Develop an Intervention to Enhance Couple Differentiation
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