identify a specific psychiatric condition about which you would like to develop a deeper understanding. To do this, you will prepare a narrated PowerPoint presentation in which you will present a clinical case, provide a diagnosis, and outline a treatment approach using the best current treatment evidence. Speaker notes must be included in the slides, along with APA-formatted references supporting the information provided.must include 1-2 slides addressing each of these:A succinct case summary/presentation.A thorough diagnosis.A slide that addresses the four elements of Garcia and Petrovitch’s (2015) Diversity/Resilience formulation (see Week 1 readings): Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Community, and Spiritual. How is each of these illustrated in the client vignette? Summary of the current evidence on causes of the conditionRecommendations for individual therapy.Recommendations for couple or family therapy.Best current medications and biomedical interventions (TMS, ECT) used to treat the condition. Ethical issues that may present with this diagnosis.Ways in which you will collaborate with other members of the treatment team.Potential self-care issues that may present in working with this diagnosis.This assignment is a narrated PowerPoint case presentationthat will be delivered with a group of colleagues and supervisors with a minimum of 5 scholarly, professional references (please do not use client education or lay information materials) (no more than five years old) (not including the DSM-5). Please make sure the information is properly cited as used in the slides. Please provide speaker notes in the “notes” section of your slides.This information must not be directly copied from the source

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