Decision analysis

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Decision analysis midterm task. 
The Red Cross is a strong brand with a history of helping people in underdeveloped countries. However, they have been slow to adapt to changing times – something they have recognised in their new strategy document ( ).
It has decided on offering its help to the following project:
Read and analyze the issue above and put forward a project with clear goals to help a specific group of people who find themselves in this situation. The project should be limited in scope – helping a small group of people in a specific location and should be feasible for the local Red Cross to carry out. They should explain the background to this project and do a LogFrame to consider to what extent the project fulfills the goals of the Red Cross. Then, you should evaluate your proposal in a SAF.
The Project will have:
–  An introduction to the RC
–  A background to the three situations
–  A specific proposal for a project to address each situation
–  A Stakeholders Analysis
–  A LogFrame setting out the proposal
–  A SAF evaluating the different proposals
Word Count: around 700 words (excluding references, table contents)
Harvard style for referencing and in-text citations
Allowed to use websites for citations 

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Decision analysis
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