Death Pentaly

Key AssignmentIn the previous assignment, you developed a position paper for the research topic that you have identified and explored. You have recommendations for change, revocation, modification, and addition to the research topic. Your research topic has come from an issue, problem, or policy of law enforcement, corrections, or the court system. In this assignment, you will revise your Key Assignment Draft based on instructor and peer feedback and you will evaluate an alternative position to your selected topic that was not addressed in your original Key Assignment Draft.Assignment GuidelinesFirst, revise your Week 4 Key Assignment based on instructor feedback and peer responses.  Next, add to your final Key Assignment draft by addressing the following in 4–5 pages:  Select 1 alternative to your position addressed in the Week 4 Key Assignment regarding your selected topic:  What major points are argued by proponents of this alternative position? Explain in detail.  Conduct research on this alternative position and evaluate the arguments.  Do the arguments hold any merit? Why or why not?  What policies currently exist that support these arguments? Explain in detail.  Which position is more significant for improving the current state of the criminal justice system? Explain in detail. Remember to use academic and scholarly sources to support your arguments.  Be sure to reference all sources using APA style. 

Hello all, feel free to simply add the Unit 4 IP to the end of the Unit 5 IP to meet the requisite page numbers.  MAKE SURE AND PUT EDITS IN RED for the Unit 4 IP or make them easily visible.  Have a terrific weekend.

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Death Pentaly
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 Deliverable Length:  3-5 new pages (10-12 total pages)


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